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Literally one last time. I’m not sure when I’ll ever see you again or experience a show quite like yours. I’ve been to many a gig and nothing beats the feeling I get at the 1975 shows. I hope the 2nd album goes well. I love this band completely, my life will be in limbo without the constant prospect of seeing you again. I’ll just try to hold on to tonight for as long as I can x @the1975 @trumanblack #the1975 // LOVE // (at Civic Hall Wolverhampton)

See you tomorrow for the last time till who knows when 😰 @the1975 @trumanblack @bedforddanes75 #the1975

Manchester round 2 // last night // @the1975 @trumanblack #the1975 (at O2 Apollo Manchester)

Manchester round 1 // @the1975 // @trumanblack // #the1975 (at O2 Apollo Manchester)

Good morning 🌓

Long hair don’t care 💇@levvis #lewiswatson (at Bristol Trinity)

Falling for you 🇬🇧 #London


Zayn throws a Miley mask off Stage and Liam finds another one (x)

"We wouldn’t really be able to be in a band with anyone else, we wouldn’t be able to deal with anyone else’s personalities"


The Illuminator projected this near the Brooklyn Bridge in solidarity with the people of Ferguson.

@ddlovato: Sometimes it just feels so amazing to finally stand up for yourself. I highly recommend it. Life is too short to be taken for granted. #werk